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nice and short

2008-07-22 13:05:59 by kipoo

i <3 newgrounds =)

i <3 madness =/

i <3 robots =(

i <3 things that fly )=(

i <3 shit >=(

and people are stupid throw rocks at them


nice and short


2007-10-21 10:48:09 by kipoo

newgrounds is the best


me XP

2007-10-19 22:54:55 by kipoo

Im a cool kid..... (i love video games en especialy psp) XD

me XP

new merchendice

2007-10-19 22:28:57 by kipoo

hey waz up newgrounds you nkow you guys have shirts of newgrunds y dont you have hats or that tipe of crap?